Rope and belt systems

The wire systems are usually temporary vertical or horizontal systems. In some applications, there's both vertical and horizontal system! The rope usually polyamide or polyester, but also heat and chemical-resistant materials are used. It allows to accurately install the system on service route. System can also be installed temporarily to a ladder with a telescope rod.

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Cobra vertical system.

Used for fall protection in temporary and fixed systems EN355 / EN353-2 or as adjustable support rope with anchoring point EN358. -nylon twined rope, available in various lengths. -support rope EN358 -temporary vertical system EN353-2 - Possible to install temporarily, for example, to a step of a..

Harip temporary horizontal system

EN795, system length 10 - 30m, fixing eg. between two pillars. -twined D14mm nylon rope. -2 users

KC2 temporary vertical rope system.

KC2RLG1 sheathed cable D11mm kermantel polyamide EN353-2 temporary or permanent vertical system.
-may also be used as EN795 B, a temporary horizontal system
. -weight 15m, with unlocking rope grab and a carabiner included 2,025 kg.

Pro-line temporary horizontal-strap system

EN795, system length 10 - 30m, attachment with eg. Between pillars. Temporary nylon-strap horizonral system EN795. Quick and simple to install and a lightweight but strong! 10m or 20m system for 2 persons! Tightening eg. around pillars! -nylon strap -2 users

Viper vertical rope system.

Used for temporary and fixed systems or with an anchoring point as an adjustable support rope. With the telescope rod you can for example take a temporary system to upper end of a ladder. -nylon sheathed cable, available in various lengths. - as a support rope EN358 -as temprorary vertical system..