Rail systems

The horizontal and vertical systems are made from, aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel. Moves smaller forces in fall situation than the forces of the wire or cable systems, but are always fixed systems.

Products together 4 pcs

Hercule fixed horizontal system.

EN795 D, C-shaped rail system. Mounting to structures every 1 m! Safety sled with bearings, very suitable for eg. connecting retractable type fall arresters to the rail! Hercule also allows execution of winding service routes. PRODUCTION SUSPENDED, follow-up will be announced later!

Railbloc fixed vertical system.

Railbloc vertical flat bar system EN353-1:
-galvanized or stainless steel brackets 500mm apart.
-see Rai-Lok system!

Railok fixed vertical system

Railok vertical flatbar system EN353-1: -Alumium rod, Fasteners 1.2m intervals, for up to 4 users. New safety trailer Railok 90 lighter and shorter stopping distance! -Directly to finished ladder or integrated ladder system installed on a small post! - also when needed: the sleep level, climbing obstacle..

UniRail fixed vertical system.

EN795 D, Aluminium rail horizontal system, mounting to structures every 1 m! Safety carriage with bearings (sled). Installation on sheet metal roof, no holes in the roofing, only small forces shift to the structure, or even trough the bitumen roof water-tightly! UnlRail also allows winding service route..