Harnesses, helmets, lights

Harnesses according to different standards:
- Full Body Harness-EN361
- Landing Harness EN831
- Back Brace EN358
- Helmets EN397

Products together 5 pcs

Back Brace

Back Brace (EN358), only for fall-preventing work!
- Can be attached to previously acquired harness. The belt has D-rings on the side for the support rope (not shock-absorbers)

Full body harness

EN361 Full body harness for fall protective work! - Harness can also be equipped with a Back Brace EN358, which is used to support the work of in ladder work for example. Different standards of harnesses: - Full Body Harness EN361 - Lowering Harness EN831 - Ask also for the electrical work (resistance)..

Head Torches

Several different models by the needs of the user:
Atex Versions
Helmet mounted
With batteries, charge even with computer
-Intensity zones, features and controls, as well as mounting methods allows you to find the lamp just for your needs.  Your hands free to perform the actual task!
E36 A NAO:..

High Altitude safety helmet

-The Chin strap detachment 50 kg EN12492 important when working at heights. -Helmet strength and water protection, etc.. According to EN 397! A wide range of accessories, including: * various color options, with or without an air-conditioned, light models, even cycling, etc.. * available a very wide..

Pelvis Harness

EN358, EN813 anchoring / lift from hip and/or without shoulder straps, TIMBER AND MOUNTAIN CLIMBING.
-Multiple Different designs and features, remember also a protective helmet. Helmet available in a loads of extra parts and labeling, as well as reflective stickers.

-Check also the accessory packs..