CSG:s new transportable Flexiquard horizontal trail-products


-Safrig Flexiquard engineered modular unit

*Glide 360 Rail turns 11-360 degree, with locking pin able to prevent rotation completely or limit every 11 degree.

 *Video Safrig counterweight with 360 degr rotating Jib:         


-Counterweight Flexiquard C-frame with firm rail, also option with ladder !

*video C-frame with counterweight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSnCqu69AIQ



C-FRAME counterweight                                                C-FRAME with ladder and top-level 

                                                                                  below: C-frame with Wheels


The FlexiGuard™ Counterweighted Jib is a portable solution for indoor and outdoor maintenance where mobility and worker safety are key. These systems incorporate a 360° rotating jib with the capacity to provide fall protection for one person. Forklift pockets are strategically located on all four sides of the base to ensure ease of mobility and placement from job site to job site. The base also contains four heavy-duty lifting rings for transport by a crane. These systems are ANSI, OSHA and EN795B (counterweight only model SP5147-model with out ladder and C-frame models with Wheels) compliant. DBI-SALA® has created a proven process for developing unique solutions. Whether it's an existing or modified product, or an entirely new design, FlexiGuard™ always meets the requirements of your specific application. Each custom solution is driven by our customers' needs and is dependent on the industry, environment and specific design constraints, including government standards. We also have numerous pre-engineered systems that may be a perfect solution to your fall protection challenge. All of our systems are extremely durable and built to last with world-class quality, materials and workmanship. They are unique solutions to unique challenges, and fall protection you can trust.


*On EN795B-offset rail slides trolley for one person. With SRL/EN360, Self Retracting Lifeline, worker is safety able to move freely on expanse work area. SRL stop the the fall with reduses forces.

*Safrig Rail can rotate hole 360 degree and offers with 2,1m (adjustable height Jib) or 1,7m (fixed jib) long rail (EN795D) an fluent work station.   

*Counterweighted C-frame, option for rail lenght 9,8m or 12,2m. Height of rail is 6,7m or 9m. SP5147 C-frame have 8m long Rail.

*Safrig with Fixed Jib have rail on 6,4m height. Offset Rail turns and offers an work-area radius 5,6m on bottom and on 3m height about 2,5m. 


-On the left: Safrig fixed jib. On the right: Adjustable height jib.

*Safrig adjustable height 3,05-7,62m (3 size, all able to adjust). Rail turns and working area radius is about 2,9m with the rail on 3,5m height.


We're offering now versatile selection of EN-Approved anchors for the Safrig post.

- 8560026: Mold anchor for concrete.

- 8560023: Bolted anchor for concrete floor.

- 8560019: Concrete counterweight, asjustable for uneven layers.


Counterweights adjustments (N)

11/9/18NEW Permanent Horizontal Lifeline system from 3M!
4/25/17CSG:s new transportable Flexiquard horizontal trail-products
1/12/16Python Safety Inc 1.5.2015 part of CSG
1/12/16CSG join part of 3M on 3.8.2015
4/17/15Nano-Lok edge lifeline even with 0-radius sharp edge foot level tie-off and even to hot work application !