NEW Permanent Horizontal Lifeline system from 3M!


3M have improved even more versatile horizontal cable system for industrial workers needs when working at hight!

-AISI316 steel to meet the most harsh enviroment condition.

-Even 4 user at the same span!

The new absorbers in Overhead system allows 5 kN pretension and even 60m span for one user and 30m for multiple users. Traveller with bearings allows up to 15 kg devices using and still the application can be made with corners!

At the Roofsystems can be used absorber with pretension 0,8 kN and less force convey to buildings construction. Both system yield when temperature changes bring extra forces!

Intermedia components can be installed also to inclined inside roof. Corner components can be modified to exatly needed angle.

Take a contact bu phone or send an e-mail, if you have any question of working safety at hight! Lets solve the problem and make your work even more safety and easy!7241414_OH_HLL.jpg7241413_OH_HLL.jpg7241421B_OH_HLL.jpg7241420B_OH_HLL.jpg

11/9/18NEW Permanent Horizontal Lifeline system from 3M!
4/25/17CSG:s new transportable Flexiquard horizontal trail-products
1/12/16Python Safety Inc 1.5.2015 part of CSG
1/12/16CSG join part of 3M on 3.8.2015
4/17/15Nano-Lok edge lifeline even with 0-radius sharp edge foot level tie-off and even to hot work application !